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«Творчість - моє дихання»

«Творчість - моє життя»

Welcome to my site !

My name is Anastasia and I am an artist specializing in exclusive mixed media paintings. I am from the beautiful country of Ukraine. I am 34 years old. And the passion for drawing and painting has accompanied me since childhood.

In my painting, I prefer acrylic paint and mixed media. I use different types of paste to create three-dimensional elements in my works. This allows me to give them extra depth and texture, creating a unique look. I complement the picture with various types of potali, which gives the picture luxury.

The main subject of my work is gold and finance

These two elements have a special meaning in my work and are the key motives that inspire me to create beauty.

Many people wonder why my paintings are related to financial topics. For me, finance symbolizes not only material well-being, but first of all, it is an energy that is analogous to the energy of the sun, capable of setting a huge number of things in motion, as well as attracting abundance and prosperity into your life, creating a favorable atmosphere in your space.

Trust the magic of money paintings and give your home or office the opportunity to attract wealth and harmony through the energetic influence of their images.

Another very important topic in my paintings is the creation of your totem animal

A totem is a guardian spirit of a person who appears in the form of an animal and is a talisman of a person who supports him throughout his life. The image of a totem animal in the picture serves as a kind of amulet or charm that brings good luck or protects against unwanted forces. In this case, the totem animal becomes a kind of symbol of strength and protection, which attracts positive energies and helps to balance and strengthen spiritual well-being.

On my website you will find a collection of my works that reflects my creativity and worldview. I invite you to immerse yourself in my art and perhaps find something that will inspire you and touch your soul.

Terms of purchase of paintings

Picture available:

– The buyer chooses a picture from the available assortment.
– The painting is paid for 100%.
– After payment, the date of sending the picture is agreed.

Picture to order:

– The buyer orders an individual painting.
– 50% of the order value is paid in advance.
– The artist starts work.
– After the artist completes the work on the painting, he provides the buyer with a photo or video.
– The buyer approves the finished painting.
– The buyer pays the remaining amount for the painting.
– After full payment, the picture is prepared for delivery.
– The picture is sent according to the agreed date and delivery method.

Certificate of authenticity:

Each buyer is provided with a Certificate of Authenticity with each painting purchased.

This is a document confirming the authenticity of the work of art and its authorship. This document is a guarantee that the work was created by the artist under whose name it is presented.
The certificate confirms:
– Authorship of the work.
– Technical characteristics (materials, dimensions).
– date of creation.
– signature of the artist or an authorized person.
The certificate of authenticity gives confidence to the buyer as well as the authenticity of the work and is an important document for long-term storage and increasing the value of the painting.


Whatever your support, the amount is not in money, but in spiritual energy that will help art to flourish

Give inspiration and support to an artist by appreciating their work through tips.

Your contribution will not only help the artist to develop and create new works of art, but will also be a pleasant sign of your admiration for his works


Thank you for your interest in my art! You can order a painting or offer cooperation by contacting me via direct   message or by filling out the form below.

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