Bull with Bitcoin

Bull with golden bitcoin and golden horns

Acrylic, imitation of gold, with elements of textured paste on canvas 110×85 cm

framed in a modern Floating frames frame


The picture with the image of a bull on a black background and golden horns is an unusual and laconic artistic image, which has already become a symbol of wealth and financial success. The bull in this case symbolizes strength, energy and material well-being, and the black background gives the picture a mysterious and elegant look.

It is believed that such a picture attracts wealth and financial success to the house. It can be placed in the office, workplace or even in the living room. The bull is considered one of the strongest symbols of prosperity and wealth, so its image in paintings is actively used in feng shui.

In general, a picture with a bull on a black background and golden horns is an excellent choice for those who want to attract financial well-being and prosperity into their lives.

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