Crypto Bull

A bull against a background of golden bitcoins covered with epoxy resin, decorated with decorative stones.

Acrylic, with elements of textured paste, copper-colored potal, epoxy resin, small stones 100×75


In the center of the work is a majestic bull with golden horns, a symbol of power and prosperity, against a background of golden bitcoins, a symbol of innovation and technological progress. This image vividly conveys the values of new technologies and financial opportunities.

The painting reflects inner strength, luxury and wealth, and also symbolizes power, elegance and confidence.

Such a picture will perfectly complement the interior of a modern office or office of a financial analyst. It is recommended to place it on the wall opposite the desktop to emphasize the symbols of prosperity and innovation. Also, the picture can be placed in the living room on the wall, it will become a wonderful decoration for your home. Such a picture will bring the energy of success and inspiration to achieve financial goals.

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